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Meetings of the DRC FONAREDD Governance Bodies

This page is being updated. Please visit www.fonaredd-rdc.org for updated information (in French) about the decisions of the Steering Commitee and work of the Technical Committee  

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee of the National REDD+ Fund, under the chairmanship of the Minister of Finance and the vice-chairmanship of the Minister of Environment, holds the policy, decision-making and supervisory functions of the Fund.

Also note that the FONAREDD Secretariat posts information about the Steering Committee here

10th meeting, 12th of August 2020

9th meeting, 15th December 2019

2nd meeting of the select committee, 5 June 2019

  • Decisions on Equateur programme and Savannah & degraded forests programme

1st meeting of the select committee, 21 May 2019

  • Decision on the Family planning programme and the Mongala programme

6th meeting, 10 November 2018

  • Decision on Energy programme, Addendum to the civil society programme
  • Decision to establish Select (reduced size) committee on interim basis

5th meeting, 3 October 2018

  • Decision on addendum to the Land tenure programme, land planning programme and NFMS programme  

4th meeting, 21 July 2018

  • Decision on the Equateur programme, Kwilu programme and Sustainable Management of Agriculture programme   

3rd meeting, 8 February 2017

2nd meeting, 20 Octobre 2016

1st meeting, 9 May 2016

Technical Commitee

The Technical Committee, a multi-stakeholder body of national and international experts led by the Ministry of Environment, is responsible for assessing all REDD+ program proposals and submits its recommendations to the Steering Committee. Unless specified, all document below are in French. 

Also note that the FONAREDD Secretariat posts relevant information about meetings of the Technical Committee here.

35st meeting

31st meeting

30th meeting

29th meeting

28th meeting

27th meeting

26th meeting

25th meeting

24th meeting

23rd meeting

22nd meeting

21st meeting

20th meeting

19th meeting :

18th meeting :

17th meeting: 2 - 3 August 2018

16th meeting: 27 July 2018

15th meeting: 30 May 2018

14th meeting: 18 April 2018

13th meeting: 2 February 2018

12th meeting: 14 December 2017

  • GDA Programme, TDR Standards and Norms, and ToR Familial Planning
  • Agenda

11th meeting: 23-24 November 2017

10th meeting: 7 November 2017

9th meeting: 27-28 July 2017

8th meeting: 17-18 July 2017

7th meeting : 3 May 2017

5th and 6th meeting, 21 and 29 March 2017

4th meeting, 6 December 2016

3rd meeting, 22 November 2016

2nd meeting, 4 October 2016

1st meeting, 29-30 July 2016