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Preparatory Grant

Approved on 16 August 2016 (EB.2016.19)

1 million US$ to develop a national investment framework

Expected completion : 30 June 2019

Responsible Governmental Party Ministry of Environment, Protection of Nature and Sustainable Development (MINEPDED)
Implementing organization

Agence Française de Développement (AFD)

World Bank

Funds transferred

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Status Finalization of the National Investment Framework


Forty-one percent of Cameroon – a country renowned for its biophysical and social diversity -  are covered with forests spanning over 19 million hectares and stocking at least 5 gigatons of carbon.


Pressure on forests is growing along with Cameroon’s growth rate, particularly in certain rural areas. Cameroon’s “2035 Vision”, whose major components include access to water, improving human habitat, reversing the loss of environmental resources, invest in agricultural productivity, food security and green employment, leads the country on the path of becoming an emergent economy by 2035. Yet, importantly, the government has recognized “the importance of ensuring that national development ambitions do not compromise sustainable management of the country’s forests and biodiversity”.


The drivers of deforestation and forest degradation include activities that provide significant contributions to both:

■     the national economy : commercial logging, agro industries, Slash and burn agriculture, mining, infrastructure

■     basic livelihoods : fuelwood, subsistence farming, grazing land


REDD+ implementation is considered fundamental to achieving sustainable development goals, and provides the mechanism through which finance, technology transfer, capacity building and broad stakeholder participation can be achieved. Cameroon has finalized a first draft of its national REDD+ strategy, and an “Emission Reduction Program Idea Note” was introduced in the pipeline of the Carbon Fund.


A preparatory grant to develop Cameroon’s National Investment Framework for REDD+


The CAFI Executive Board provided a grant of 1 million US$ to support Cameroon to develop its National Investment Framework for REDD+ (REDD+ NIF). This grant will complement a US$ 250,000 grant from the Forest Investment Programme (FIP). The result will be a comprehensive, multi-sector REDD+ NIF, together with an accompanying financial mechanism that will enable funds to be channeled for its implementation.


Developing the REDD+ NIF will emphasize stakeholder consultations and communications – in order to both collect and disseminate information, and continuous capacity building of members of the National REDD+ Steering Committee, the National Climate Change Observatory, the Technical Secretariat and key personnel in sectoral ministries. A safeguards companion document will also be developed.


A first draft NIF was presented to the Executive Board in November 2017 and endorsed by the FIP Sub-Committee for revision and presentation again in 2018.

Building on existing initiatives


To avoid duplicating efforts, the NIF will be designed to accommodate existing and future resources for implementation (CAFI, FIP, KfW etc). Cameroon’s REDD+ Governance matrix will provide guidance. This results-based instrument, under the coordination of the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional Development, aims at improving transparency and governance in natural resource management and at facilitating national and international fundraising. As the FLEGT process is well advanced in Cameroon, its achievements - improved legislation, consultation and dialogue, good practices - will also orient and enhance the elaboration of the REDD+ NIF.


Leadership and responsibilities


The REDD+ National Coordination Unit, under the Ministry of Environment, Protection of Nature and Sustainable Development (MINEPDED), will lead the technical and financial preparation of the REDD+ NIF. The MINEPDED presides over the major political and decision-making organ, the REDD+ national Steering Committee, composed of 19 members from the Presidency, the Prime Minister ̇s office, technical ministries, civil society, the private sector, parliamentarians, and representatives of indigenous communities.


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