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Active programmes


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Programme and summary objectives

Amount  (M US$) Implementing organisation
Support to civil society: Representation of civil society as information relay, advocacy group, observer and whistle-blower 3 UNDP
Land use planning reform: Support DRC government in the land use planning reform that takes into account the protection of forests UNDP

PIREDD (Integrated rural development program) for Tshopo, Ituri and Bas Uele provinces

PIREDD Mai Ndombé province 30 WB
PIREDD Sud Ubangui province 7 WB
PIREDD Kwilu province 4.2 JICA
PIREDD Equateur province 10 FAO
PIREDD Mongala province 7 ENABEL
National Forest Monitoring System to support monitoring of land cover, land use and land use change in DRC 10 FAO
Land tenure reform: Support the DRC government in the land tenure reform that takes into account the protection of forest (development of policies and legal instruments + securing of tenure for forest communities) 6 UN-Habitat
Support to Indigenous Peoples to develop indigenous resource management models 2 WB
Sustainable agriculture policy: developing and implementing an agricultural policy that takes into account forests including the promotion of savannah-based agriculture 3 FAO
Sustainable wood energy to provide alternatives to unsustainable wood energy by developing markets for LPG and improved cookstoves 15 UNDP and UNCDF
Scaling up Family planning to reduce the ffects of unplanned demographic growth on deforestation 33 UNOPS and UNFPA
Savannahs and degraded forests: Ownership by small and medium agricultural enterprises of sustainable practices to manage savannahs and degraded forests - Kwilu and Tshopo provinces.   15    AFD
Sustainable Managment of forests to improve forest governance 12 AFD
DRC National REDD+ Fund Secretariat: Coordination, technical assistance and policy dialogue 10.4 UNDP


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Land use planning and forest monitoring in Gabon: Develop, adopt and implement a National Land Use Plan (PNAT) and a National Observation System for Natural Resources and Forests (SNORF) that will contribute to the reduction of GHG emissions from LULUCF in Gabon 18.4 AFD
Protected Area Expansion and Land-use Optimization for Food Crop Production: Aims to in crease forest carbon sequestration potential through the expansion of its protected area network, and reduce/avoid future emissions from the agricultural sector through land use optimization for food crop production. 5.2 UNDP
Reducing Emissions Through Improved Forestry Management:  Implementation of a National Scale Certification Process in Gabon 7 AFD

Republic of Congo

Republic of Congo Preparatory grant to further develop the program proposal to the GCF and contribute to the implementation of the National Investment Framework 
0.374 FAO


Cameroon preparatory grant to develop the National investment Framework 1 WB, AFD

Central African Republic

Central African Republic preparatory grant to develop the National investment Framework 1 WB
Preparatory grant for policy dialogue and pre-feasibility             0.7 AFD


Study to assess deforestation and forest degradation trends and their associated current and historical direct drivers in the six CAFI partner countries.

1.2  FAO

Programmes under development 

Programme Amount in M US$ Implementing organisation
Republic of Congo: Expression of interest process : launched to implementing agencies
45 Tbd
Gabon: Results-based payments from Norway 150  

Closed programmes

Programme Amount in M US$ Implementing organisation
Equatorial Guinea : preparatory grant to develop the National investment Framework 1.087 FAO
Republic of Congo : preparatory grant to develop the National Investment Framework 0.7 World Bank
Republic of Congo : Program proposal to the Green Climate Fund 0.3 FAO
Total  231 M 10 implementing organisations