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The CAFI Secretariat


The Secretariat supports the CAFI Executive Board and facilitates the overall operations of the CAFI Fund. The United Nations Developemt Programme (UNDP) hosts the CAFI Secretariat with a small number of staff from UNDP’s Climate and Forests Team.


Key responsibilities of the Secretariat include:

  • Support the development and submission of National Investment Frameworks (NIFs), facilitating dialogues between partner countries and the CAFI Executive Board 
  • Support strategic dialogue between partner countries, implementing organisations and the CAFI Executive Board, including the development of Letters of Intent
  • Support monitoring and evaluation (M&E) efforts, including progress reports and financial reporting
  • Prepare and organize Executive Board meetings
  • Manage knowledge and support South-South cooperation and exchanges through coordinated efforts with the CAFI Executive Board, partner countries and other relevant stakeholders.
The Secretariat is based in Geneva, Switzerland and may be contacted here 



Key Documents


CAFI Secretariat Terms of reference


CAFI Results Framework

Revised version, adopted in October 2019


CAFI Secretariat - Narrative report 2019

31 March 2020. This report only covers the activities of the CAFI Secretariat, while the 2019 CAFI Consolidated report (posted under publications) covers all Fund activities