How We Work

CAFI supports strategic, holistic and country-level REDD+ and Low Emission Development investments while focusing on Central African high-forest cover countries. Its objective is to recognize and preserve the value of the forests in the region to mitigate climate change, reduce poverty and contribute to sustainable development.

CAFI’s objective will be attained through substantially scaled-up international support to transformational reforms and ambitious investments on the ground.

CAFI's support focuses on  :

  • developing and implementing National Investment Frameworks (NIFs) endorsed at the highest level by national institutions with cross sectoral mandates 
  • providing funding based on the achievement of policy and programmatic milestones that are spelled out in letters of intent
  • encouraging donor coordination and alignment of bilateral assistance to partner countries based on NIFs
  • promoting inclusive participation of all stakeholders


CAFI's Annual reports are published in June of the following year. Download the 2019 Report here

or previous reports : 2018201720162015

Governance structure


How we work

CAFI country dialogue has several phases:

  1. Partner countries develop and present their national investment frameworks addressing all drivers of deforestation and forest degradation
  2. Following a review of the national investment framework, the CAFI Executive Board (EB) agrees to support certain policy reforms and large scale programs
  3. Through a Letter of Intent (e.g. with DRC) the CAFI EB and the partner country government, represented by a government institution with interministerial coordination mandate, agree on timebound targets in policy reform and programmatic performance and the corresponding financial support by CAFI if jointly defined milestones are met
  4. Partner countries develop and implement programs to achieve the milestones in the Letter of Intent with the support of implementing organizations

To support this process management is carried out at three levels:


To ensure flexibility, CAFI governance arrangements combine the light oversight mechanism of the CAFI Executive Board with a country-specific emphasis, either through the existing MPTF-managed National Fund of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, or directly through new country National Programmes (Cameroon, Gabon, Central African Republic, Republic of Congo and Equatorial Guinea). 


For more detailed information see the CAFI Fund Terms of Reference (revised in December 2020) and Manual of Operations.