SDG Action

Two main impacts

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In DRC, CAFI currently funds programmes that will prevent 40 million tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.
In Gabon, emissions  from forests will be cut by over 50% by 2025. 

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CAFI-funded programmes in DRC seek to raise average households revenues by 10 to 20% in key forested province. 

Eight main outcomes



In DRC, CAFI helps establish crops outside forests, develop agroforestry, reform agricultural policy and secure food production, for example through setting up 160,000 hectares of subsistence agriculture.


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To reduce pressure on forests while ensuring access to energy, CAFI currently helps DRC to plant 7000 ha of trees for wood-energy; promote the scaled up and sustained use of efficient cookstoves ; and develop alternative, clean sources of energy. 


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CAFI's support has allowed the submission to the UNFCCC of DRC's first Forest Emission Reference Level,  and provincial programmes will, e.g., set up close to 200,000 hectares of community forestry. In Gabon, areas under forest concessions will decrease. And everywhere, CAFI supports improved forest governance. 

Land use planning

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In Gabon, CAFI supports the finalization of a National land use plan that will optimize how land is allocated and used, and facilitate the country's sustainable development objectives. In DRC, CAFI supports a land use planning reform and local tools.

Land tenure

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CAFI's support to land tenure reform in DRC will help attract investments, reduce slash and burn agriculture and promote the rights of Indigenous peoples and local communities through more secure tenure.



CAFI promotes high-level political leadership, cross sectoral coordination and multi-stakeholders decision-making bodies in all of 6 partner countries. In DRC, CAFI funds a programme to enhance the capacity and coordination of civil society actors.  


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Through its ambitious national land use plan, and with CAFI support, Gabon will be able to develop its industry infrastructure and roads with the least possible impact on forests.


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By supporting family planning and access to modern contraception in DRC, CAFI helps ensure universal access to sexual and reproductive health.