Eq. Guinea kicks off development of investment plan

Posted on December 11, 2016 12:17:00 PM

Workshop to launch the National REDD+ Investment Plan and first meeting of the Steering Committee held in Sipopo 14-16 December


In September 2016, the Presidency issued resolution number 3 creating the National Steering Committee in charge of the Elaboration of the National Investment Plan for the Protection and Conservation of the Forests of Equatorial Guinea. This Committee, composed of representatives of the central government, civil society, academia and the private sector, has the primary mandate to ensure success in the development of the National REDD+ Investment Plan (NIP).  

On 12-14 December, on the occasion of a mission by FAO, one of the CAFI implementing organizations, a workshop convening 50 stakeholders (the 25 members of the Steering Committee, and 25 other stakeholders from the Central Government, local governments, civil society and the private sector) marked the launch of the development of the NIP.  

The objectives of the workshop allowed to :

  • Present the Central African Forest Initiative and the Equatorial Guinea REDD + process to all stakeholders, focusing on what the REDD + Investment Plan seeks to achieve
  • Conduct the first meeting of the National Steering Committee for the development of the NIP, which will guide and monitor the implementation of the project
  • Publicize the project and its objectives, identifying synergies and opportunities for collaboration with other projects or initiatives
  • Share experiences from other countries in the region in the development of NIP+
  • Agree on the work plan for the preparation of the NIP of Equatorial Guinea, with the participation and contribution of various stakeholders, for adoption by the Steering Committee.


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EG- launch workshop - 14 december 2016 - high level panel

Left to right : Mr. Olman Serrano, FAO representative in Equatorial Guinea ; H.E Eucario Bakale Angüe, Minister of Economics, Planning and Public Investments ; H.E Francisco Mba Olo Bahamonde, Minister of Forests and Environment ; H:E Valentín Ela Maye, Vice-Minister of Economics, Planning and Public Investments

EG- launch workshop - 14 december 2016 -shadow

Introduction to the working groups

EG- launch workshop - 14 december 2016 - all participants

All workshop participants

Equatorial Guinea National investment framework Event