CAFI Movie- north and south, east and west

Central African forests open France's "One Planet" Climate Summit 

A call for faster, sustained, concerted action on Central African forests spreads around the world


12 December 2017  :  Why are the often-overlooked Central African forests so important for all of us, North and South? What critical development choices do governments of the region need to make, and what actions are urgently needed – from all of us? The new CAFI film, “The Central African Forests: key to a Cooler Future for All” was shown today to over 50 heads of state and governments during the One Planet Summit” hosted by French President Emmanuel Macron and co-organized by the United Nations and the World Bank.  

The presentation of this movie offers an opportunity to recall that the destruction of forests wordlwide represent 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions, that the effective implementation of the Paris Agreement will require the full commitment of Central African countries and that, if the wrong choices are made, Central African Forests could become "climate bombs". 

The CAFI film is narrated in English by Hollywood A-lister Djimon Hounsou, starring in popular movies (King Arthur, Gladiator, Tarzan, Blood Diamonds) but also known for promoting a more positive image of his native region, beyond the usual clichés of dire poverty and wars. In French, the voice over is provided by a local Gabonese artist.

Shot in DRC and Gabon and including footage graciously provided by Gabon’s National Agency for the Protection of Nature, the film showcases the beauty of the central African rainforests to a large audience, and emphasizes their contribution for local populations – for food, shelter, revenues – as well as the treasure it is for the whole world, for its climate, biodiversity and security benefits.

The film also recalls the efforts undertaken by CAFI partner countries to preserve these forests in spite of growing pressures and accelerating deforestation trends. It ends with a vibrant joint call to more collaboration, more alignment, and engagement from all stakeholders.

The film had premiered on 16 November at COP 23.  

Central African Forests - Key to a Cooler Future for All of Us

CAFI Movie - Full feature- English