Key finding #3 : Major results achieved in a limited time

On a technical level, the production of new essential data on the evolution of the forest cover and its impacts in terms of GHG emissions is a major achievement, with a National Forest Inventory completed in 6 forested provinces. This work allowed the DRC to have a FREL validated by the UNFCCC and an operational and updated National Forest Monitoring System, i.e. two of the Warsaw pillars.

The operationalization of the Tenure Reform Commission at the national level is another major headway, as is the better understanding and strategic thinking for alternatives to wood energy. 

At the political level, the implementation of the Letter of Intent allows the inclusion of forest and climate issues to be firmly set, for the first time, in the agendas of a number of line Ministries. The strong local anchoring in provinces with integrated programmes is also hailed as a major achievement. 


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