Key finding #4 : the DRC- CAFI partnership is unique in its structure, innovation and inclusivenesss


The DRC- CAFI partnership is particularly commended for : 

  • The mobilization and involvement of many stakeholders, through a multi-stakeholder system described as "effective, innovative and unique in the DRC and the whole region in its scope and diversity of actors", with possible improvements highlighted
  • A wide system of consultations between the different sectors concerned by the Letter of Intent between the donors and the implementing agencies
  • FONAREDD as a unique dialogue mechanism of all sectoral partners in the Steering Committee, fostering increased and unprecedented inter-ministerial collaboration
  • A process that succeeds in combining political dialogue and concrete field investments, and builds on the achievements of past or ongoing activities
  • A very transparent process, where almost all reference texts, programme documents and annual reports and decisions of the FONAREDD are publicly available. 
  • Timeliness of MPTF disbursements through simplified procedures


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