Key finding #2 : Progress across (almost) all sectors

The 8 objectives of the Letter of Intent have varying numbers of milestones associated with them (for example, 3 for agriculture and 9 for the forest sector). However, practically all sectors have seen concrete progress towards the achievement of milestones. 

  • Agriculture: progress on the spatial monitoring for commercial plantations as well as systems to produce and distribute seedlings. For example, in the Mai NdombĂ© province, the first nurseries were established. 
  • Energy: completion of studies on the feasibility of substitution to wood energy. Several energy sources were examined : Liquid petroleum gas, bio-ethanol, photovoltaic, solar, biogas, micro-hydro electricity and grid electricity. For each source, a diagnosis of the existing resources and uses, their potential, lessons learned from other initiatives, an analysis of advantages and risks and success criteria. These in turn allowed the formulation and approval of the Energy programme. 
  • Forests: progress on independent monitoring (missions from the Independent Observer conducted and analysed, strategy adopted in 2018) and towards a plan to fight illegal logging (legality grids elaborated and tested through the VPA process), FREL communicated to the UNFCCC, evolution of forest cover available on the Terra Congo platform (2000-2010 and 2010-2014).
  • Land use planning: progress towards baseline analyses neeeded to elaborate a land use policy (sector studies) and on guidance for participatory zoning (workshops)
  • Tenure: Commission for tenure reform operational at the national level, and progress on guidance to define provincial strategies for land tenure management 
  • Family planning : Although the programme on family panning was only adopted in 2018,  100% of operational provincial programmes have defined quantitative objectives 
  • Governance : significant results on availability of information (through the FONAREDD web site), guidance on participation and risk analyses.

The sector of oil and mining (for which no program was launched at the time of the assessment) is the only one where no progress was achieved. 


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